Privacy and Legal

The Honouring Life Network is subject to the same privacy principles and policies governing all NAHO activities. This section includes key points in plain language for the Honouring Life audience plus our copyright policy for creative works.

Respect of Privacy

NAHO respects and is committed to maintaining the privacy of all visitors to this site. Personal information collected on this site about you, or your use of this site, is confidential.

Personal Information

Personal information (such as your e-mail address and/or name) is collected if you: send us feedback, ask us a question, register for a forum, or send us a story. To communicate with us requires you to provide your e-mail address.

Non-personal information is collected through the use of "cookies." Cookies are small computer files transferred to your computer while you are using our site or another Web site, which help us to know how often someone visits our site and what sections they visit. This allows us to better develop the Web site according to your needs. We will not give your personal information to advertisers and other organizations without your express consent. NAHO may use information to produce aggregate statistics about usage, membership, traffic patterns and other related site information that does not personally identify visitors. This is important to ensure that our content and services continue to meet the general needs of our users.

Sharing your story 

If you share your story with us, we will respect your privacy. If your story is accepted for publication it will appear anonymously (without your name) or with just your first name, with your permission. However, we must collect your name and address for our records and to obtain copyright—the right to publish and distribute your story.

Copyright of creative works

When you submit your story to us it will be reviewed by NAHO editors and, with your participation, it may be edited to conform to our story development guidelines. The final story becomes a creative work that you still own, but NAHO will obtain the right to publish. Before publishing you will be asked to assign to NAHO the non-exclusive rights to publish your story on the Honouring Life Network. Non-exclusive means that we are not the only publisher that can obtain the rights to your story. You will still own your story and can share your story with other publishers.

Disclosure in an emergency or criminal investigation

NAHO is entitled to disclose personal information without your consent:

(a) If we believe there is a serious and imminent threat to the life, health or safety of yourself or another person.

(b) To investigate or report on activity which we believe on reasonable grounds to be unlawful.

(c) If disclosure is required or authorized by law (for example where a regulatory authority has the power to request the provision of certain records or information).

(d) If disclosure is reasonably necessary to enable an enforcement body to perform its functions, for example:

(i) The prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution or punishment of criminal offences; and

(ii) The preparation for, or conduct of, proceedings before any court or tribunal, or implementation of the orders of a court or tribunal.

Access to information

Please contact us if you would like to access a copy of your personal information or believe that the information we have about you is not up-to-date, complete or accurate. You have the right to request the correction of any information which relates to you and is inaccurate. If you wish NAHO to delete your personal information, please let us know and we will take all reasonable steps to delete it unless we are required by law to keep it.

Health Services Disclaimer

The Honouring Life Network is not a counselling or referral service. The Web site promotes the health and wellness of Aboriginal Peoples by providing accurate and culturally relevant health information. Information on this site is not to be used for diagnosis, treatment or referral services and NAHO does not provide those services through the Internet. Individuals should contact their personal physician, nurse and/or their local mental health agency for further information.

Responsibility for other sites

You are able to link from our site to many other sites that present information on health. Although these links have been carefully selected, NAHO does not necessarily endorse the content of these sites and the content of linked sites may change periodically. Organizations and individuals that have developed these other sites have full and sole responsibility for the content of their sites.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please send an email to