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New HLN Documentary!!!

In honour of World Suicide Prevention Day, here is our third documentary about positive youth programming in Canada.

"Support" was filmed on Baffin Island in the small Inuit community of Clyde River. The film explores how the Hip Hop Program at the Ilisaqsivik Centre has had a positive impact on the lives of many local youth. A visit from hip hop/social work group Blue Print for Life inspired the Ilisaqsivik Centre to create an ongoing hip hop program to keep the local youth inspired and involved. The program coordinators tell the audience that to be successful, youth programs must have continuous, consistent community support.

Check out the English video here!

Check out the Inuktitut video here!

In this video, youth from Clyde River share their messages of how to prevent suicide and honour life.

Video: Hip Hop Genius

This is an amazing video about where hip hop came from and what it can achieve. The video creator has also written a book about how hip hop can be used in high school education. The basic idea is "hip hop genius: creative resourcefulness in the face of limited resources".

Check out the video here:

Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education from sam seidel on Vimeo.

For more info on how this clip was made, click here
And also check out the creator's website: http://hophopgenius/org

Video: You can Make it Better

This is a video produced by Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn and his youth advisory committee. It was directed by two Oakville Grade 12 students, and tells the true stories of several different youth and how they overcame their different struggles. The overall message of the video is a great one - "whatever problem you find yourself in, remember, YOU CAN MAKE IT BETTER"!!

TREE OF LIFE - Interactive web-based goal-setting tool!

NAHO and MindYourMind partnered together to create an interactive web-based tool that you can use to think about your goals and aspirations. The Tree Of Life is a goal setting and personal development tool designed to help individuals, groups and communities. It takes about ten minutes to complete, and at the end you can print out a picture of YOUR Tree of Life to help you work towards your personal life goals and aspirations!

Click here to try it out.

Please let us know what you think via Facebook or Email!

We also need a volunteer who can provide the French and Inuktitut audio translations. Please let us know if you or a friend are interested in providing that for us.


The time has finally arrived! Thanks to a Healthy and Vibrant Communities grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, which was awarded to the Honouring Life Network in November of 2009 we were able to create two amazing short documentaries focusing on some of the positive Aboriginal youth programming that is being offered across our country. We hope that by highlighting the efforts of these two different Ontario communities, that the feeling of hope for the future will spread through our youth and across our great nation.

Check them out!!!

Bimaadiziwin which can be translated from Ojibway to mean “Living in a Good Way”, highlights the efforts of Walpole Island First Nation and the Bkejwanong Youth Facility, and shows the positive changes community members have seen in the youth, and the community as a whole, since its establishment.

Songedamowin which is an Algonquin word meaning “Trust” or “To Trust”, focuses on the Wabano Health Centre, located in the urban centre of our nation's capital, Ottawa. The centre serves First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth in addition to children, families, elders and the community as a whole.

How do YOU honour life CONTEST WINNERS!

The votes have been tabulated... and the winners of this years suicide prevention contest, How do YOU honour life?! have now been announced!!!

1. First Place: "Self Image” submitted by Melissa Ziehlike and Sandra Kritzer- Flin Flon MB

2. First Runner-up: “How I Honour Life” submitted by Brad Fyfe, Anthony Morrisseau, Dan Isham and Larissa Desrosiers- Fort Frances, ON

3. Second Runner-up:
“Alice” submitted by Catherine Coe, Shawnna Goulet, Caitlyn Goulet, Mandy Goulet, Lavina Black, Chavannah Kochon, Kaiya Delorme, Kevin Betsina, Johnny Martin, and Tyanna Gofard- Yellowknives Dene First Nation (N'Dilo), NWT


1. First Place:
“Honouring Life- Suicide Prevention” submitted by Krista Alec- Prince George, BC

2. First Runner-up:
What Does Honouring Life Mean to Me: “Voices” submitted by Robert Animikii Horton, Rainy River First Nations, ON


Kids Help Phone Workshop

The Honouring Life Network and NAHO were proud to host a team of dedicated staff from the Kids Help Phone on Thursday October 14, 2010 for a workshop focusing on cultural competency within First Nations, Inuit and Métis populations, and communities. Recently, Kids Help Phone received an Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion Healthy Communities Grant with which they are undertaking professional development initiatives and training in order to provide a greater level of service to the many First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth whom they serve. Presentations were made by a member of each population specific centre of NAHO:
• First Nations Centre
• Inuit Tuttarvingat
• Métis Centre
• Communications Unit
• Aboriginal Relations and Initiatives Unit
The day was a huge success, and the HLN and NAHO are thankful for the opportunity to contribute to such a great organization like the Kids Help Phone!

Kids Help Phone

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Paulette C. Tremblay!

As part of Mental Awareness Week, the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) is proud to announce that CEO, Dr. Paulette C. Tremblay was recognized as the 2010 Champion of Mental Health for the Aboriginal Category at the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health awards ceremony dinner held at the Chateau Laurier Hotel on Monday night in Ottawa, ON.

The Champions of Mental Health Awards is an annual event which celebrates individuals and organizations who are dedicated to raising awareness, reducing the stigma associated with mental illness, and advocating for mental health research and care across Canada.

NAHO was recognized for its efforts in providing suicide prevention resources to First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth and youth workers through the Honouring Life Network (HLN) web site.

“The work NAHO is doing to provide culturally relevant suicide prevention is vital to helping First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth have a venue for self expression. The resources on the web site assist youth in having dialogues with others and making positive decisions about their health and well-being.” Dr. Paulette C. Tremblay. “I am honoured to have accepted this important award on behalf of NAHO.”

Bruce Honouring Life!

World Suicide Prevention Day 2010!

Here are some photos from our celebration on Parliament Hill today in honour of world suicide prevention Day!!!
See Photos Here

In support of world suicide prevention day September 10th 2010, the Honouring Life Network, together with the National Inuit Youth Council, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, Inuit Tuttarvingat, The National Aboriginal Organization, and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami will be celebrating life and encourageing suicide prevention and awareness in Canada, on Parliament Hill tomorrow Friday September 10th from 12:30-1:30pm. Come out and show your support!
For more information visit this LINK!



Be sure to check out the new listings of youth programs offered across the country!! They can be found in the Resource Centre, within the General Resources section. For more information click on the program's associated link, or email the HLN at info@honouringlife.ca


The HLN was fortunate enough to join in the Piqsiqtugapik Youth Leadership Summit in Clyde River, Nunavut, March 22-27, 2010. The summit allowed a select group of youth from across Nunavut to participate in a "Leadership through Hip Hop" workshop, which was facilitated by Ottawa based Blueprint for Life. The five day workshop included leadership activities, including ones which helped the youth discover their inner voice, teaching workshops which encouraged the young leaders to pass on thier skills to younger generations, and of course LOTS of dance! To see some pictures of our adventure click on the image below!

John Paniloo in a freeze!

Check out this video of some of the participants building a human machine during one of their leadership workshops!!

Congratulations to the four youth who won the draw for a cool flip video camera while we were in Clyde River. Thanks again to everyone who made our video projects possible!!



Young people discuss mental health issues on Much Music

2009 HLN Suicide Prevention Video Contest!

Congratulations to the students from Frontier Collegiate in Cranberry Portage for their winning video entry entitled, “Choose Life”! The winner received a trip to the nation’s capital as well as a Flip video camera!

To watch this video and all of the other videos entered into the 2009 HLN Suicide Prevention Video Contest please click here.

Thank you to all of those who took the time to promote suicide prevention awareness in your communities!