Become a Daughter Spirit in Action youth facilitator

Daughter Spirit in Action is a project run through the Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) as part of the National Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Strategy.

The project supports mental health promotion training for Elders and youth with a focus on the value of mentorship and culture.

Who should apply?

  • Dedicated Aboriginal youth and Elders who would like to learn more about mental health promotion and suicide prevention and who want to promote positive mental health in their communities.

Taking Action - Art and Aboriginal Youth Leadership for HIV Prevention

Art, music, writing and dance are all powerful tools for sending out a message. We're seeing more and more projects using these artistic tools to promote healthy living. Taking Action is a great example!

The Taking Action! Project: Art and Aboriginal Youth Leadership for HIV Prevention is a national project working with six Aboriginal communities across Canada. They want to figure out how Aboriginal youth understand HIV in relation to their communities and cultures and also to see if using art is an effective tool for working with youth to talk about HIV/AIDS.

NWT Suicide Prevention Training Program in Inuvik

YELLOWKNIFE (February 18, 2011) - The recently revised NWT Suicide Prevention Training Program is being offered to residents in the Beaufort Delta who are interested in learning suicide prevention and intervention skills to help others.

The Department of Health and Social Services, in partnership with the NWT Suicide Prevention Steering Committee, will be offering the training program at the Gwich'in Wellness Camp outside of Inuvik from March 19 to 28, 2011.