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Roots & Shoots for Aboriginal Youth


Do you have an idea for an exciting youth project that will help people, animals or the environment in your community?

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is pleased to announce that we are offering small grants of up to $500 for projects to be developed by First Nations, Inuit and Métis groups/communities that make a commitment to being part of the Roots & Shoots for Aboriginal Youth Program. Your projects should take positive action to help people, animals and the environment.

Grants will be awarded to enthusiastic groups who express a clear plan for implementing a youth-led community action project. Good luck!


You are an existing Roots & Shoots group.
If you are not registered, please visit www.RootsandShoots.ca to join. Please note: applications will not be considered unless you are a registered group.

You belong to a First Nations, Inuit or Métis group, school or community organization.
Grants will not be provided to individuals.

Your project will have a positive impact on a community issue related to people, animals or the environment. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate an impact on more than one of these areas.

Your project is youth-led or provides major opportunities for youth involvement and leadership.
Your project has the support of an organization for financial monitoring and reporting purposes.
All projects will have reporting requirements.

You have submitted a fully completed application form, signed by an adult over the age of 21 who is willing to take responsibility for completion of the project.

Visit Roots and Shoots for more details: Roots and Shoots


Health : Invitation to Aboriginal Training: An Aboriginal Mental Health Learning Experience

kidsLINK is pleased to announce the Aboriginal Mental Health Learning Experience for MCYS Central West Region, aimed at increasing participants' knowledge and skills specifically related to the delivery of mental health services to Aboriginal People. Participants will also learn about the intergenerational impact of trauma upon Aboriginal people and communities.

The Learning Experience has three components:

3 days of workshops in April (2 Sessions to choose from)
3 webinars between May and June
A self-study program

The workshops provide presentations on the cultural and historical context of the aboriginal experience and the impact of traumas upon the mental health and related symptoms of Aboriginal Peoples. The web-based, ongoing learning and self-study program will provide supplemental learning, and address personal and organizational practices that create culturally appropriate service delivery to Aboriginal clients and communities.

For More Details >>


Shannen's Dream

Make a Difference

Shannen Koostachin of Attawapiskat First Nation had a dream - safe and comfy schools and culturally based education for First Nations children and youth. She worked tirelessly to try to convince the federal government to give First Nations children a proper education before tragically passing away at the age of 15 years old in 2010. Now it is our turn to carry her dream forward.

Make a difference

Find out how you can give First Nations children the same chance to grow up safely at home, get a good education, be healthy, and proud of their cultures.

Child and Youth Mental Health Matters conference

Child and Youth Mental Health Matters conference
May 6-8th, 2012
Vancouver, BC

This is very advanced notice, but looks like an excellent conference.
The organizers have combined three conferences into one:

  • The First National Parental Mental Health Conference,
  • The First International Young Carers Congress and
  • The Third International World Congress on Children of Parents with Mental Illness


This conference brings together an interdisciplinary group of professionals working in the field of mental health with young people and parents and other stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences related to child and youth mental health. There are three themes woven through the conferences: Parental Mental Health, Children of Parents with Mental Illness and Young Carers.

This first ever gathering of this nature will provide a forum for focusing on the needs of young people and families as they struggle with issues related to mental health concerns across the generations. The overall goal of the concurrent conferences is help us develop a common language and understanding of the needs of young people and families. By bringing together people from diverse backgrounds we hope to enrich our collective knowledge of mental health strategies, best practices and the latest research in order to improve outcomes for young people and families. Our goal is to create at the conference a community of practice that spans the three themes where we can each share our knowledge and support while we discuss areas of mutual interest and concern.

Conference Objectives

  • To improve our understanding of mental health needs across the generations
  • To examine how to engage professionals, young people and families in the development and implementation of prevention, early intervention and treatment strategies
  • To examine what supports, activities and policies are needed to ensure that young people, families and professionals are supported in their struggles and challenges
  • To provide a forum for networking and collaborating among mental health, health, criminal justice, education and child welfare practitioners, educators, researchers, policy makers, students, young people, families and other stakeholders with an interest in mental health issues across the generations
  • To establish “Canadian communities of practice” for each theme area

For more information, please visit: http://www.interprofessional.ubc.ca/ChildandYouthMentalHealth.htm