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Nominate A Youth From Your Community!

Entry Deadline Submission June 30, 2012

In an effort to highlight Aboriginal youth initiatives and successes, CANDO features a National Youth Panel at our Annual National Conference & AGM. This event features Aboriginal youth who are pursing and speaking their ways of success in areas of education, working within the field of Aboriginal economic development and/or as individual entrepreneurs. Previous youth panelists have been involved in employment and entrepreneurial ventures such as: a sports wear company; fresh water bottling and catering businesses, a Vice President of an Internet company, an artist and writer who owns a comic book publishing company, an Outfitting company, Outdoor garden center craft store owner, Outdoor Adventure Company, Fashion Designer, First Nations Snowboarding Team Coordinator and Aboriginal Diabetes Outreach Program worker to name a few.

Each year CANDO selects six Aboriginal youth participants. Once all submissions have been received, the CANDO Board, Conference Committee and CANDO Staff select the youth based upon their strengths, their initiatives, their accomplishments, their entrepreneurial spirit of launching their careers, and their participation within their communities. Successful applicants will be notified no later than two weeks after the nomination deadline.

Please download the complete nomination form below to nominate a youth from your community for the 2012 National Youth Panel. Read more about the National Youth Panel.

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Blue Print for Life

Blue Print For Life was founded by Stephen Leafloor, a social worker and B-boy. The HLN filmed a documentary in Clyde River about the Ilisaqsivik youth hiphop program which was inspired by a Blue Print For Life workshop. Check back to see this film - it will soon be available on our website in both English and Inuktitut!

For now, check out this video about Blue Print and the work that they do:

Here's a bit more about Blue Print (taken from their website www.blueprintforlife.ca):

Blue Print For Life runs “Social Work Through Hiphop” programs throughout Canada’s north and in Canada’s inner cities. Often Blueprint becomes the school curriculum for the entire week in at risk communities. We also offer creative consulting, project management and training in the fields of Social Work and Education. Its founder Stephen Leafloor has over 25 years experience as a social worker in the areas of Probation, Wilderness Programs, Street Work with Youth at Risk, Residential Group Homes, Child Protection and Community Outreach. Stephen has also been an active participant in the Hiphop Culture since 1981 and completed his masters thesis on this culture and its importance for educators and social workers.

Blue Print For Life believes that people make changes in their lives based on the relationships they have with others and how they see themselves fitting into the world. We are dedicated to working creatively with youth around the world to empower them with a sense of control and hope in their lives. We have worked creatively with over 3600 Youth at Risk in a variety of projects in 40 communities, and specialize in the education, guidance, and development of youth through the positive elements of HipHop. We have been in the national media many times for our work and have been featured in a number of documentaries about our work with Canada’s aboriginal youth.